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We’re the Cal Poly chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi—a co-ed honorary fraternity dedicated to the service of college and university band programs. See our calendar for upcoming events, read the minutes, or learn more about us!

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  1. Alpha Betas 2nd Degree!

    On Sunday, February 8th, the Alpha Beta class of Iota Pi completed their 2nd Degree! Even with the rain pouring, we still held a successful degree and enjoyed dinners with our respective family lines afterward.


    Congratulations, Alpha Betas!

  2. Alpha Beta Education Begins

    The Alpha Beta (AB) class attended their first education this Sunday.


    Iota Pi Vice President Andrew Parker discussed the class “syllabus” and introduced the flipped classroom concept encompassing this year’s education. Rather than holding class in a traditional lecture-homework style, Parker is bringing technology to the table- holding parts of his class online through various forms of media for greater immersion and interactivity.

    The class also split into project committees and, most importantly, began their lessons for the quarter. The AB class will continue to meet weekly for the rest of the quarter until their final.

    We wish you luck ABs!!

  3. Alumni Ceremony / Alpha Beta Class

    Iota Pi is now back from break and ready for 2015!

    Before we departed to our homes for the holidays, the chapter said their goodbyes to 5 graduating members of the fraternity.


    Brothers Nicole Cooper, Caleb Dunne, Eric Mitchell, Bryan Rodriguez, and Hillary Tung were decorated with graduation stoles (shown above). The ceremony concluded with a series of “Broasts” to help remember the good, bad, ugly, and mischievous antics of these brothers. Congratulations quitters!

    Additionally, on January 4th, the Iota Pi chapter welcomed it’s newest batch of PMs into the fray. The Alpha Beta class numbers 22 initiates who will proceed through the education process. We can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas and projects they will bring to the chapter!