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Brother Spotlight: Max Rosenberg

Whether he’s playing in Cal Poly ensembles or leading musicianship projects for the chapter, Max Rosenberg truly embodies what it means to be a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi. Max recently won the Ideal Active Achievement Award at WDC, and Iota Pi couldn’t be prouder. Max is one of the chairs of the Music Committee, and is always willing to lend a hand to any committee or brother. Max said that “putting care into musicianship and music in the community is why [he] joined KKPsi,” and credits former Music Committee chair Rose Doylemason with inspiring him to lead Music Committee to new heights. As co-chair of the Music Committee, “Max has worked hard to elevate the musicianship of brothers and band members through various activities that educate all of us to strive for a higher level of musicality,” said Teresa Marcial, his grandlittle. “His commitment to a high standard of musical attainment serves as a shining example to the rest of the chapter.”

In addition to contributing to Iota Pi’s activities, Max excels in his academics. He has recently been accepted into the Aerospace Engineering Blended Program which means he will graduate with both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Cal Poly within five years. Thank you, Max, for your service to Iota Pi, the band program, and for always striving for the highest.

Article by Kellen Fujishin, AΔ

Practicing Clinic

On Sunday, our brothers hosted a clinic on good practicing techniques. Some of the topics covered were how to increase tempo, figuring out rhythms, and good breathing techniques. Sean Gonzales covered brass techniques, Max Rosenberg covered woodwind techniques, and Daniel Humphrey covered percussion techniques.



WDC 2017

This past weekend, some brothers of Iota Pi traveled to Boise, Idaho to attend the annual Western District Convention. Most of our brothers decided to make a road trip out of it!

Along the way, we stopped in Fresno, Granite Bay, and Reno to visit friends and family, and of course to eat!

Once we got to Boise, the convention had our full attention. Some of us participated in workshops and activities, while the rest of us were serving as members of committees such as Nominations, Jurisdiction, and Convention Site committees.

Of course, no Kappa Kappa Psi convention could go by without music! This year, instead of the usual reading band, brothers got to participate in the first Western District Ensemble Clinic. The ensemble was made up of brothers and local high school students who wanted to get a taste of college level musical performance. The clinic was led by D.O.B. Marcellus Brown and Phil Hartman.

Most importantly, we got to make many new friends and see our old friends. We found a new companionship with the Theta chapter (see: TH-TH-TH-THETA), as well as strengthening the bond of the Bromuda Triangle (quadrangle(?)).

Special thanks to the Iota Kappa chapter for putting on a wonderful WDC! AEA and MLITB from the brothers of Iota Pi!

Article by Sean Gonzales, AB

Chapter Founder’s Day

Today marks 25 years since Iota Pi was founded. To celebrate, our friends at the Gamma chapter made their own rendition of one of our Mustang Band cheers:

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Gamma!

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Iota Pi is proud to present our Fall 2016 Newsletter! This edition was put together by brothers Teresa Marcial and Max Rosenberg, with additional help from brothers Micky Welther, Sean Gonzales, Emma Gracyk, and Katelyn Dietz. You can read the newsletter here.

Info Sessions!

Iota Pi held three Info Sessions this past week for Potential Prospective Members (PPMs). Our Vice President, Katelyn Dietz, gave a brief presentation on the fraternity and what it means to be a brother. There was a pretty good turnout overall. We look forward to the rest of recruitment season!


All-State High School Music Festival

As Cal Poly prepped for the arrival of thousands of prospective students, the Iota Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was also eagerly awaiting the arrival of over 90 high school students from around the state to signal the start of the weekend-long Cal Poly All-State High School Music Festival.


The festival featured two performing groups, the Festival Wind Orchestra and the Festival Jazz Band. Upon arrival on Friday, April 17, the high schoolers got the chance to listen to Cal Poly’s own University Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble perform. The next day was filled with rehearsal time for both groups. Finally, the students ended the weekend with a final sound check, a banquet, and their concert, which took place in Cal Poly’s Performing Arts Center.


Conducting the Festival Wind Orchestra was power couple Heidi Johanna Miller and James Patrick Miller. Leading the festival jazz band was Dave Eshelman, a trombonist focused in the Bay Area.


The festival coordinator, Rose Doylemason, helped organize and provide support for all of the weekend’s events along with her assistant festival coordinator, Max Linsenbard. Additionally, the event could not have been successful without the help of the rest of the Iota Pi chapter. Here’s to an even better festival next year!


Photo credits: Aaron Jacobs

Alpha Betas 2nd Degree!

On Sunday, February 8th, the Alpha Beta class of Iota Pi completed their 2nd Degree! Even with the rain pouring, we still held a successful degree and enjoyed dinners with our respective family lines afterward.


Congratulations, Alpha Betas!

Alumni Ceremony / Alpha Beta Class

Iota Pi is now back from break and ready for 2015!

Before we departed to our homes for the holidays, the chapter said their goodbyes to 5 graduating members of the fraternity.


Brothers Nicole Cooper, Caleb Dunne, Eric Mitchell, Bryan Rodriguez, and Hillary Tung were decorated with graduation stoles (shown above). The ceremony concluded with a series of “Broasts” to help remember the good, bad, ugly, and mischievous antics of these brothers. Congratulations quitters!

Additionally, on January 4th, the Iota Pi chapter welcomed it’s newest batch of PMs into the fray. The Alpha Beta class numbers 22 initiates who will proceed through the education process. We can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas and projects they will bring to the chapter!